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It’s Time For … The NEXT EDITION!!!

OK, so we’re in discussions with Wiley right now about the next edition of HTML … For Dummies. I’d like to explain what we’re thinking about doing with the next edition of the book, and ask all of you to chime in with your input, ideas, suggestions, and — where necessary — vetoes and objections. Feel free to post comments here, or to e-mail me at etittel at yahoo dot com (you non-robots know what to do with this address) or Jeff at conquestmedia dot com (ditto). All input gratefully accepted, and for those readers who either propose stuff we haven’t thought of, or steer us clear of rocks and shoals we might otherwise have missed, there will be prizes of some kind to come (free copies of the next edition, T-shirts, or perhaps even a steak dinner-sized gift card for somebody who comes up with something especially toothsome). Continue reading