Dummieshtml.com Free T-shirt!

Let’s see here, today is a huge day. This is officially my first blog post for Dummieshtml.com (awesome – I know), I’ll get to spend some time with my girlfriend after being stuck in NYC, I’m going to attempt to make some queso (that has potential disaster written all over it), there is a “big game” on television, and here is other thing too…

Accordingly to my super duper scientific research, there are about 1.2 billion web design related blogs online right now. Rather than just reproduce what they are doing, we need your help in shaping our very own, something we can be proud of – like those lovable “Look Who’s Talking” movies, but only good. Here’s the deal. The latest edition of our book has only been out for a few weeks, we just started this blog and we want to know what do you want to read here? We want to hear from you… that’s right, you.

Just to spice it up, we are giving away free Dummieshtml.com t-shirts to a few random people that leave a comment by Feb 28, 2011 so let’s hear it!

You could look as cool as these guys!

23 thoughts on “Dummieshtml.com Free T-shirt!

  1. Steven

    It would be cool to see some tutorials/walkthroughs of "good," modern html/CSS layouts… how to structure pages and how to separate content from design.

    1. eljefegrande Post author

      Congratulations Steven on being the first person to actually suggest what you want to read. Thank you sir +2 bonus points!

  2. Steve

    All this picture needs is heights marked off on the wall behind you. Can at leawst one of you look happy.

    1. eljefegrande Post author

      Hey Steve,

      Great idea. I think the guys in that photo were just trying to show how tough they look in those awesome dummies shirts. Once you put one on your street cred immediately goes up. Thanks, jeff!

  3. Frank

    My company lost our web guy, so now i have to learn html. This book better teach me!
    Actually, I just started the book, but it looks like I'll probably become a webmaster in no time!
    Thanks for all your good stuff!

  4. @Fulcan

    Hey Guys!

    I think it would be great to see some articles about interesting ways to use the position:fixed;, position:absolute; and position:relative; tags in different and interesting ways!

    Thanks for everything!

    1. eljefegrande Post author

      Robboe just made it under the deadline with 4 minutes to spare, good job!

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