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When I first started writing this post I began with the title “How to Freak Out Your Publishing Company 101 – The Trials and Tribulations of Jeff Noble” but I ended up changing it to something a bit more clear and also I have a strange hatred of blog post titles that are 12 lines long, it bothers me and that’s weird – I’ll deal with it. Now back to the story, we totally are going to give away a free chapter, but first let me explain my patent pending steps to making your publishing company uneasy.

1. Tell them you want to print all your twitter followers names in your book despite a strict page count. Did it.

2. Then tell them you want to get early feedback and send chapters out (before the book is released) to twitter followers from across the globe (shout out to @amberweinberg, @maguay, @abulafio, @SixFourWeb, @BeeEmmDoubleU and a few others). DONE.

3. Now… drum roll please. The grand finale. Give away a free chapter “Ten Tip-Top Online HTML References” on our website. That’s a wrap folks!

So if you bought an older or latest version of our book – thank you! If you are interested in buying our book and want to take a peek, that’s cool – go for it. And if you have no intention of buying our book and just like downloading stuff, I’ve been there too. In fact, once I tried to talk to my friend Marcus while he was on his computer and he yelled at me “I’M DOWNLOADING!!!!” and right now I will admit I’m including this side note purely to embarrass him. Hi Marcus, hope your downloads are going well!

Anyway, this one is on us. Please enjoy this quick bonus chapter that covers “Ten Magnificent HTML Resource Sites”, “W3C Specs”, “HTML & XHTML DTDs” and “Character Codes.” And if you work for our publishing company… relax it’s 6 pages 🙂

Next up… sugar in their gas tanks?

As always, we would love to hear your feedback.

Jeff Noble
Co-Author/Habitual Publishing Line Stepper

P.S. Hello to our friends at Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot, Chris Coyier, etc featured in the chapter.

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