HTML, XHTML and CSS for Dummies Errata

Foreword by Eric Meyer

  • Submitted by: Jeff Noble
  • So we invited Eric Meyer to write the foreword of this edition and it was a huge honor, then we somehow left off the date and location as Eric requested. That was our mistake and will be fixed in the next printing.

Font Sizing

  • Submitted by: Jeff Noble
  • You might notice a few examples still reference a percent, point, or pixel based font size. Technically this isn’t incorrect, it’s just not a best practice. We recommend using “em” for font sizes and will fix this in the next printing. For more info check the W3schools site about font sizing (scroll to the bottom).

Listing 1-1, page 20

  • Submitted by: Cass Witkowski
  • The statement on page 20 “Listing 1-1 uses the image element () to include an image on the page:” should now read, “You can use the image element () to include an image on a Web page, using this kind of markup:”

(X)HTML character codes, page 23

font-color, page 143

  • Submitted by: Joe Perea
  • The incorrectly listed “font-color” property in the image should actually be listed “color”, however the HTML in the source code is correct.

Linking, page 144

  • Submitted by: Wayne West
  • The second “” in the code example should actually be “”

jQTouch, page 303

  • Submitted by: Jeff Noble
  • The link to the “Getting Started” page for jQTouch has been changed from: jQTouch/gettingstarted to Also this text “to find out more about developing plugins for mobile Web sites” should actually be “to find out more about developing mobile Web sites with jQTouch.”