Great HTML5 Class Available thru Ed2Go

Chris Minnick is my old friend, a former co-author (on a bunch of Certified Internet WebMaster books we did in the late 1990s), and the man behind the book WebKit For Dummies. He’s also the author of the new Ed2Go class entitled “Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5.” The class runs for six weeks, and is available for as little as $89 depending on which school you elect to take it from. The Ed2Go sign up page is geo-sensitive, and shows me that I can take it through Texas State University in San Marcos, TX (of course, it’s online so why should that matter?) for $119.

First blurb from Ed2Go Course Page for Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

First blurb from Ed2Go Course Page for Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

There are two lessons to complete for each of the 6 weeks, for a total of 12 lessons in all. In addition to covering HTML5 and CSS 1 through CSS 3, the course also includes coverage of JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, offline storage and location services, numerous Web APIs for mobile use, touch enabling a mobile app, plus tips and tricks to boost Web app performance. The course concludes with a discussion on how to build native apps for various popular mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android, among others.

I’ve known Chris for 15 years, and worked with him on numerous projects, including half-a-dozen books (in fact, I tech-edited WebKit For Dummies). He always does great work, and manages to infuse his technical materials with plenty of laughs and a light touch that goes down easy on heavy subjects. I hope you’ll check out his class, and see if you like what you find there. If you take the class, I’m sure you’ll have a positive educational experience!

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