Mozilla Thimble Is Pretty Awesome

Most of us know at least two of the projects the team over at Mozilla have been working on:

FireFox for web browsing.
FireBug for inspecting, debugging, analyzing web pages.

Now it looks like there might be another great tool from Mozilla called… wait for it…. Fire…. ohh darn, it’s not fire related at all, it’s called Mozilla Thimble. Despite completely ruining the awesome opportunity for an obvious joke about an obsession with all thing “en fuengo”, Thimble is pretty cool and just might help you learn to write and edit HTML and CSS right in your browser without an HTML editor at all.

The thimble UI

The Thimble UI

What I like about Thimble. It’s free, relatively easy to use, allows you to preview your work on the right hand of the screen as you code on the left, and then host your completed pages with a single click, which kind of all sounds made up but I assure you is totally real.

Of course you will still need a trusted reference (cough, cough – just sayin’) to learn some of awesome HTML/CSS goodness, but Thimble seems like a great tool for people learning how to write HTML and CSS.  Maybe Mozilla could just change the name, I think FireThimble has a nice ring to it.  Thoughts?

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